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Building wellness through monthly workouts, fitness education, women's health posts, and more.

About Me

Living Well with Megan-Marie is founded by me, Meg, a Doctor in Physical Therapy, wellness coach, and gold jewelry designer. 

I believe in pursuing all the things that make me my healthiest self. This includes physical health, steady energy, authenticity of self, creative expression, and wealth of time and income.

Most importantly, living my healthiest self means I show up with confidence, thoughtfulness, and lightness so that I always impart sincere positivity on others.

You Should Join

They say you evolve to become what, and who, you surround yourself with, so immerse yourself in something that brings you inspiration to be the most vital, strong, and versatile version of yourself.

By subscribing, you'll receive evidence-informed education for physical therapy in women's health and pelvic floor, workout freebies, as well as expertise in strength, fitness, nutrition, healthy movement, motivation, and more to inspire your best self.

Get In Touch

To chat with me, or to schedule private sessions, you may contact me directly via my complementary inquiry form. I will follow up with you within 2 business days.

What Others Are Saying


"I love the Tier 1/Be a Mover Program because it fits perfectly into my busy life while also being the most effective workout program I’ve ever done. I get sore in the best way after each workout and can feel myself getting stronger and reaching for heavier weights even in the course of a single month. I also love that the program feels very intentional and well rounded. It focuses on strength, mobility, and overall wellness and has everything I need to accomplish my goals." ~M.M

"I am currently going through your [included] 12 week kettlebell course. It is an excellent experience so far. In particular the way you have structured the program is cool, building skills while still going thorugh an actual workout. Most of my questions are answered in the videos itself. Your cues and coaching are perfect. I can see the participants are enjoying the process as much as you are. By the way your impromptu tango with Maria was out of this world." D.K.


"For the first time in a long time, I felt hope. I immediately went for a 3 month commitment despite finances being very tight. My quality of life is priceless and I have received, in value, more than I have actually paid. The approach is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My pain is no longer a barrier, my confidence is improving, I am strong and an extra bonus is one my husband would have to tell you about, but believe me, he benefits from the investment I made in myself too. As a wife, mother, business owner, it is hard to carve out time for myself but my time with Dr. Megan is non negotiable and I leave each session eager for the next." ~M.L

"I started working with Megan mid-pandemic during one of the most stressful periods of my life (unemployed, post-injury, bad health), and it was one of the best decisions I've made. Megan's insightful and compassionate coaching has helped me take ownership of my health, and challenge preconceived notions of my wellbeing. The impact has rippled into the rest of my life, as I have challenged myself to improve all aspects of my life such as physical health, career, relationships, and mindset. Megan helped create a vision plan for me, and it has helped me visualize how much more I can do for my wellness, and we review and reassess these goals every 2-4 weeks. In just a few months she has helped me gain so much confidence, and I am looking forward to all that we can achieve together in the coming years!" ~N.S.


"I joined Megan-Marie's free community for fitness content and am already seeing how much more it will offer me. From strength videos, healthy intentions, member highlights, personal anecdotes, I can see Megan-Marie is really invested in addressing the facets that go into wellness for herself and her people. She offers more here than we see on social media, which is pretty awesome. I can interact as little or as much as I want via the app, which is good because I'm more of an observer." ~M.D

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